DirectAccess not Authenticating with Client Machines

Hello Readers,

Not my usual blog post but thought Id share my DirectAccess nightmare. All remote workers was unable to authenticate back into the network to receive network resources. After looking at UAG server I found the below error on TMG install on the client server.

The Web Proxy filter failed to bind its socket to 192.168.x.x port 443. This may have been caused by another service that is already using the same port or by a network adapter that is not functional. To resolve this issue, restart the Microsoft Firewall service. The error code specified in the data area of the event properties indicates the cause of the failure.
The failure is due to error: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.
The fix for this issue is to reboot the Microsoft Forefront TMG Firewall Service. I have read a couple of blog posts and they mention Windows Firewall Service but this is disabled after installing TMG.

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