Configuring Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 – The Basics

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As mentioned in my previous post about “Installing Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012” I will now cover the basics of “Configuring Micrsoft Data Protection Manager 2012” and how to install the Agent on Servers, Adding Storage and Configure Protection.

Adding Storage
this example I will be adding a 250gb disk I have mounted to my DPM VM. Adding Storage to your DPM Server is very easy and simple. First we will start by Clicking Management from the DPM Console.


Then Click “Add


You will now see what available disk(s) you have to add to storage within the DPM Console


Select your Disk(s) and Press “Add” and “OK“. I received the below Warning stating I  had selected Basic and is it ok for them to be converted. Click “Yes


You will now see that your disk is now available within DPM to be used as storage space for the Protection Groups you want to create.


Deploying Agents
In order for DPM to recognise Server(s) to backup, it will need its agent installing on the client machine, this is done by the following process

Click “Management


Click “Agents” and then Click “Install


Select Install Agents and Press “Next


Select the Server(s) you want to install the Agent on and Press “Add


For this post I am installing the Agent on

  • DC01 (Domain Controller 1)
  • DC02 (Domain Controller 2)
  • DB01 (SQL Server)

When adding an SQL Server you will be returned with this message


Click “Yes” to install the Agent
You will now need to specify the Administrator Account you want to use to install the agent on the client. Enter User Name, Password and Domain should already be filled out.


Press “Next
You will now be asked if you want DPM to restart the computers after installation. In Production you would not want to do this so Select No, I will restart the selected computers later


Press “Next
Just a quick warning as you can see from below. It states that the computers may lose connectivity to the network during the installation. In theory you shouldnt notice the packet loss but just a quick word of warning before press “Install


Once you have pressed install it will now perform the installation process on the selected servers and once complete. You should see the below confirming successfully installation of the Agents


Configuring Protection
Now we have created a storage location and pushed out the DPM Agent, hopefully you would have restarted your client machines otherwise you might receive an error when trying to protect servers. We can now setup Protection Group for the Servers and how we do this is to first click on “Protection


Then Click “New


Press “Next” to the Welcome Screen
Select “Servers” and Press “Next

You will now see the below window


At this stage will need to know what you want to back up and for this post I am going to backup the System State of DC01, DC02 and DB01. How to do this is very simple, select the (+) next to the server and drill down. + –> System Protection –> System State as per below and tick System State


I will perform this task on the other 2 Servers and Press “Next
You will be asked to give the Protected Group a name, I have called mine “System State” and selected Disk as its the only option available to me as I dont have an Azure Platform or Tape Drive in my environmment.


Press “Next” to continue
Specify your Short-term Recovery goals, I am leaving this as the default for now


Press “Next
You will be able to Review the Disk Allocation and if you want the allocation to grow automatically grow the volumes, leave the tick in place


Press “Next” to continue
Specify Replication Created, I am leaving in the defaults for this post
Press “Next” to continue
Specify setting to Check Consistency of the replica, I am leaving in the defaults


Press “Next” to continue
Press  “Create Group
DPM will now create the Volumes and Start to Protect the System States of the selected Server(s)


Press “Close”
This now completes this post

Andrew Price



2 thoughts on “Configuring Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 – The Basics”

  1. I am trying to build system center lab at home for learning. In the process of installing DPM. Unfortunatley DPM installs as trial edition. Is their a way to input the license key through PS or command to make is FULL version. The trial is valid for 180 days.

    Thanks for your input.


  2. I don’t believe there is a way to do this currently. You can do an in-place upgrade with the correct media and it will prompt for Licence Key information.


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