DPM: Failed DPM 2012 Agent Install – Uninstalling Agent via Powershell

Hello Readers,

I have recently added Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 into my lab environment and started pushing out the Agents to my Servers. All of them except one installed correctly.

DPM 2012 - Agent Issue#

When trying to “Uninstall Agent” via the DPM Console, I was returned with the below error

DPM 2012 - Agent Issue 1

DPM 2012 - Agent Issue 2

This issue can be resolved by Click on the Blue Link at the bottom of the error message window but where is the fun in that.

Enter Powershell

Launch the DPM Management Shell
Enter the following command as shown below

.\Remove_Production.ps1 <Your DPM Server> <Server with Agent>

DPM 2012 - Agent Issue 3

And as you can see this has now successfully Removed DC02 allowing me to repush the Agent succesfully

DPM 2012 - Agent Issue 4

This concludes this post

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