Exchange 2010 SP3 hung at Languages install

Hello Readers,

Not one of my normal posts but I thought Id share this issue as if I knew the fix earlier it would of saved me about hour of my time. When installing SP3 the process was stuck at Languages for over an hour as per screen shot below.

After asking the question on twitter and googling. I could seem to find anyone else who has experienced this issue. It turns out that because System Centre 2012 Endpoint Protection was installed on the client machine, it was stopping the process from completing as it uses the “Same Engines” for Languages.

Because Endpoint Protection is forcefully installed by SCCM, I uninstalled Endpoint Protection and the Languages install then started to complete. The reason I uninstalled Endpoint was because it would be reinstalled by SCCM once it did its next walk.

Hopefully this post will help someone with the same issue I experienced or point them in the right direction

11 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 SP3 hung at Languages install”

  1. Apparently still an issue when installing Exchange 2013 CU1 on an RTM build. As soon as I uninstalled Endpoint Protection, it got past the Languages screen. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Jon,

      You can just stop/disable the ForeFront Endpoint Protection Services and SP3 shouldn’t hang during installation.

  2. thanks heaps for your page. i was watching it for a while and google of this page found my answer. uninstalled forefront endpoint protection and languages resumed and completed within about 5 mins. thanks again

  3. Thanks! Your page saved me a lot of time. Stopped the endpoint protection engine and the installation finished without a problem.

  4. Thanks! Found myself today with the same issue. Uninstalled the System Center Endpoint Protection and the SP3 finished. This post saved me a lot of bedtime.

  5. Thanks did this in a test environment (fortunately) when intalling Exchange 2013 CU 7 had same issue System Center Endpoint was installed. uninstalled it and it worked perfectly

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