UAG Service Pack 2: The part Microsoft didnt tell you

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Another none Lync related post  😉 “feeling a bit dirty” but this has been stressing me for a couple of days. My customer lost DirectAccess connectivity across all devices and the UAG Portal was flakey at best. After going through all the configuration of UAG and DA everything seemed perfect. The TMG backend was showing errors but they was Best Practices not followed. In the end the resolution was UAG Service Pack 2 once I got that installed and working it resolved all my issues

Now the part Microsoft dont tell you. SP2 removes all ForeFront Unified Access Gateway configuration. yes all!!

When I opened the UAG Management console my heart sunk. Luckily the one post I found with the information I needed was on a Technet Forum. As the schema of UAG was updated it doesnt support the old backup configuration files but to the rescue comes the “Configuration Upgrade Utility“. The tool is located in;

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\Common\bin\UAGSchemaUpgradeUtil.exe

You will need to close UAG Management Console before running this utility.

You need to point the path to your latest configuration file stored in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\UAG\AutoBackups and Press Upgrade

You will be prompted for the password to the account that setup the array. In my case it was Domain Administrator, if the password is incorrect you will get a notification stating that.

Also worth to mention if the latest configuration file errors during the upgrade you will need to select the previous one to that until you have found a file that upgrades successful then move the files it failed on to a new folder called old in the same location. The reason for this will be later in this post.

Now the configuration is successfully updated and none working are moved. Launch the ForeFront UAG Management it may take a little longer than normal to load but this is expected as it uses the last configuration file and as long as it the file you’ve upgraded the configuration should restore itself. If not go to File – “Reload Configuration”

All your configuration should appear.
Remember to press Save and Activate Configuration to complete this process.

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