Lync Client not removing Out of Office Flag

Hello Readers,

This has got to be one of the weirdest Lync issues Ive seen in my short time supporting Lync. One user was having an issue with where the Out Of Office Flag would not disappear from the Lync Client even tho there was no OOO set within Outlook/OWA.

I looked all over the internet looking people that have had the similar issue and post the question online but to no avail. I tried testing the issue against my Lync Client, add an OOO and removed the OOO once the flag appeared. The flag didn’t disappear within 😉 “mine own accepted time frame” so I started playing with my Lync Client and added a status message.

After I added the message the flag disappeared.

So I then went to the user’s Lync Client and click on What happening field. It was blank but when I pressed the down arrow I could the lines from OOO.

After deleting the OOO and adding a custom message it cleared the flag but then clearing the custom message the OOO flag returned.

So I have re-added custom message rebooted client and it has now resolved the issue.

######Update###### 02/09/2013

I have recently come across this issue again but the resolution was different. The Lync Client was 2010 running July 2013 Update against a Lync 2013 Server Enterprise Pool. The resolution was to rename the Cache in C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator. Then log in to the Lync Client, add a custom “What Happening” message and then delete it. It will be reset the field back the original “Whats happening today” message.


3 thoughts on “Lync Client not removing Out of Office Flag”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I had the same issue with my own account . (FYI- I support Exchange and Lync .)
    I simply unchecked the option “show my Out of office…..” ,rebooted S4B client and checked it again for future. It cleared the flag and removed the oof message.

    Upanshu Anand

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