Lync Client not showing AD Photos Part Deux

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As per one of my previous posts discussing AD Photos not showing in the Lync Client, I had a bit of a discovery today which has stopped me chasing my tail. If I came across a blog post like the one I’m writing it would of saved a lot of time.

So here it is;

All Domain users have a AD Photo that has been upload by Exclaimer Outlook Photo (free download) Update-CsAddressBook command has been invoked on the FE Server and some of photos are being displayed in the Lync Client after logging out and in.

Question: Why is it that only some of the photos are showing?

Answer: The Lync Client for the user that is not showing the photo is set to “Don’t Display Photo” even though I’m forcing the client to use AD Photos only. If the Lync Client is set to dont display photo it will not share it’s photo with all its Lync Contacts.

The fix: Maybe Lync 2013. There is no way to disable this option on the client. I have found blog post about running a .xml script to check Lync Clients and revert them to use corporate photo but the schedule task will need to be run a number of times through out the day.

The blog posts

I hope this information is useful

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