Using Lync Attendant for an External Line for Lync Numbers with no Enterprise Voice Ability

Hello Blog Readers
Here was an interesting question I got from my customer today but the solution is so simple; I thought Ill quickly share it with you all.
Customer has a number Internal Lync Numbers that are configured with the below
So none of the Lync Number are able to dial out to external numbers.
Customer has a requirement whereby “Visitors” are enable to get an outside line if required for an important meeting or phone call. My 1st thought was a Powershell changing the Lync User from CAPvoicepolicy to another with Enterprise Voice” then invoke another script to revert the changes. The effort required for this, out weights the need of the requirement.
So after a quick light bulb moment “Bing!”
I thought why not use the Reception to reroute the calls. So after a quick test call from the Internal Number to Reception and gave them the number I would like to speak to
The call was successfully joined to the required external number

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