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Hello Readers

After successfully helping one of my followers on twitter with integrating their LifeSize unit with Lync. I just wanted to mention a few key things to take into consideration when integrating your LifeSize unit with Lync.

  • Make sure you are running a firmware version that is compatible with OCS/Lync. Version 4.7.13 and later
  • Consider where your LifeSize unit is located on your network. If it sits within your DMZ as you may need to open ports on your firewall to allow SIP Registration to your Lync FE Server.
  • Consider the Video Quality you require, if you are not running LifeSize HD Video Bridge you will only get VGA based quality on the LifeSize unit.
  • Make sure the Lync account that you assign the LifeSize unit has a voice policy that allows outbound dialing otherwise you will be limiting yourself to Video Calls only.
If you have questions, please feel to leave a comment or tweet me @legendarytechy. I will try and assist as much as possible.

7 thoughts on “Assisting the Lync and LifeSize Community”

  1. Hi, great initiative! Just a detail: LifeSize terminals will support native integration with Lync, with resolution up to CIF (352×288). If you add a UVC Video Engine for Lync, that is basically a H.264-RTVideo transcoder, then you can have VGA and HD calls.
    Marek, LifeSize Sales Engineer

  2. Hi Andrew, were you able to get the LifeSize 220 to connect audio via Lync Enterprise Voice? In my situation, Lync is registered, but an inbound or outbound call to the PSTN has no audio and drops after 30 seconds or so. LifeSize support was zero help.


  3. Hi Rich,

    Is the Lync User that youve assigned to the LifeSize Room 220 enabled for Enterprise Voice under Telephony via Lync Control Panel. What firmware are you currently running?

  4. I am the Global Support Manager for LifeSize. I wanted to add some clarification on this issue. At this time our endpoints do not support Lync Enterprise Voice. It is on the road-map to support this feature in a future software release.

  5. Hi Lee,

    Thats interesting as I have successfully integrated my LifeSize Room 220 with Enterprise Voice. My LifeSize unit sits in my DMZ with port TCP 5061 open into my Lync FE for SIP registration. The Lync User that is registered to the device has full Enterprise Voice abilities as it is used on a daily basis within my organisation. The only issue that I have got at the minute with Enterprise Voice and LifeSize Room 220 is that calls made from the device leave the system as the head number of the phone system and not the number registered against the Lync user. Inbound calls work successfully to the correct number.

  6. Hi all, I’m the Social Media Coordinator at LifeSize.

    A big thanks to Andrew for assisting everyone with their LifeSize/Lync questions.

    Just wanted everyone to know that you can tweet any/all questions to @LifeSizeHD. If it is a support related issue, you can tweet your questions to @lifesizesupport. We’re always happy to help and we will make sure to put you in touch with someone at LifeSize who can assist you.

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