Best of Both Worlds LifeSize and Lync : IP Based VC with Microsoft Lync Integration

Hello Readers,

I just wanted to share my configuration setup for LifeSize Room 220 with Microsoft Lync Integration. I have now worked out all the bugs within my setup so it now allows me to have two options when using the LifeSize Device.

IP Based Video Conferencing and Microsoft Lync Video Conferencing.

The LifeSize device lives within the DMZ and uses NAT to translate out on a Public IP Address, this allows the device to have IP to IP Video Conferences. Since LifeSize have been rolling Microsoft Lync Integration into their firmware, I have been very much experimenting as all good IT Professionals do to see what else I can get from the Product. Within the LifeSize firmware it allows the device to be registered against a Lync User.

In order for me to register a Lync User against the LifeSize device I had to make a couple of Firewall changes to allow SIP registration against the Lync Front End Server. Once I had registered the device, this then allowed me to make PSTN Calls via the Lync Edge Server.

As per diagram below

Now the LifeSize device is integrated with Lync it also allows Video/Audio Calls to federated contacts

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