LifeSize Room 220 Integration Details for Lync

Good Morning,

I have now had a response from LifeSize on how to integrate a Lync Contact List to the Room 220 device. I will test this as soon as possible and provide an update via my blog on my findings.

Details from LifeSize are as followed;

There are actually 2 ways to bring Lync directory information into you LifeSize endpoint. 

1) mentioned above: Lync contacts setup in a Lync client will be automatically pulled into the directory on a LifeSize system running 4.11 or later. To use this:
1.1. Sign into a Lync client (PC or Mac) using the same Lync credentials used for the LifeSize system.
1.2 Add people to the Lync contacts list in the Lync client.
1.3 Those contacts should now appear in the LifeSize system (after a short refresh time).
This is especially useful for someone that uses a LifeSize system as their personal video device…it keeps the contacts in sync on their Lync client and LifeSize system. It also works to setup a custom contacts list for LifeSize systems in meeting rooms.

2) LifeSize Control is an all-in-one video management platform. LifeSize Control includes Microsoft Exchange integration. So you can pull Lync directory information out of Exchange and push it to the directory in LifeSize endpoints.

Hope that provides the info you were looking for.

Information provided by Ryan Stuczynski Sr. Product Manager at LifeSize

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