Product Review: Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

Hello Readers

I have recently received a Plantronics Voyager Legend UC and I must admit I am very impressed with the product before even making a call from Lync. The product is very well presented in its box and the European box you receive the following items.

Interchangeable AC Adapter for Europe and UK power outlets
USB Charging Dock
USB Charging Lead
Well presented case for USB Bluetooth Adapter and Headset
Different Ear connects for the headset

The case also has a micro USB port so the headset can be charged in its case as it contains an internal rechargeable battery that will fully recharge the headset.

This device is not only just for UC Comms it can also be connected to your Mobile devices. Also to get the best experience while connected to a PC or Laptop it is advised to install the Plantronics Spokes Software.
One of the cool things I like about the device is Smart Senors. The headset recognises when you have the headset on or off.
With your headset on it will
  • Answer an incoming call
  • Transfer the active call from your phone to headset (only available with Mobiles)
  • Resume Audio Streaming << Listen to a lot of music while working so works for me
With you headset off it will
  • Transfer the active call from headset to your phone (only available with Mobiles)
  • Pause Audio Streaming
  • Lock the call button to prevent accidental calls

I have managed to test the device for Audio today and its very reliable, the range isn’t ok within the office space but if I go over 15-20ft audio quality starts to break up. Overall I am impressed with the integration with Lync and Mobiles/Smart Senors, its now definitely my device of choice.


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