Sennheiser Presence Headset – Product Review

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I have recently attended the Connected Business Expo (formerly UC Expo) in London and was introduce to Brian Brorsbøl – Product Manager at Sennheiser. He kindly sent me a Sennheiser Presence headset to play with and after being very much a plantronics fan, Ive been very impressed so far. One thing the Sennheiser headset has over the UC Legend is comfort when wearing with my glasses, I am able to wear the headset all day without any discomfort. I have spoken to a lot of Lync Architects from the likes of Keith Hanna at Microsoft and other professionals in the field, they are all fans of the Sennheiser product range.

When you receive your Presence you get the following;

1 USB Dongle

1 Mini USB Lead

1 Headset

4 Ear piece connections (for all various size ears)

1 In Car Charger

1 Black Holding Case


If I have to compare it against my UC Legend, I like the kit you receive from Plantronics more as the Holding Case can charge the headset and you receive a docking station for the Legend as well.

But as for Audio Quality cannot find faults with the Sennheiser compared to the UC Legend,I have been using it 24/7 over my Legend. I had to chose between my Sennheiser and Plantronics device it would have to be the Presence Headset as it is a lot more comfortable to wear during a working in the office, at home and when in the car.

Sennheiser also have a very good range of products available which can be found at


Andrew Price

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