Success.. Lync communication with Lifesize Room 220

Hello Readers

You may of seen my previous blog post about LifeSize a division of Logitech working on implementing Lync directory. I haven’t managed to get the contacts downloaded to the LifeSize Room 220 but I am now able to type the users name for example my username is andrew.price and my SIP address is and after my successfully audio call I was also able to call one of my federated contacts by typing there SIP address.

I was only able to get audio and not video. Video worked from my Lync client to LifeSize device which is registered with a Lync Users but not the other way. I will see if it something to do with my configuration on my firewall by taking the device out my DMZ and drop it on my local network.

Otherwise I will get back in touch with LifeSize and there developers for more information so I can continue testing.

I am happy to take questions about my work and findings just drop me a comment on this post.

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