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I have been recently tasked with resolving a number of Lync SCOM Errors we have been receiving since rolling out Lync 2013 Management Packs. If you don’t configure the alerts in the Management Pack you will be sure to see a number of issues which could potential be ignored, changed or disable completely.

Call Reliability Alert Rule (Peer to Peer). Rule

  • ID: Microsoft.LS.2013.Service.MonitoringServer.CDR.P2P.Rule.Alert
  • Description: This rule alerts when call reliability occurs per diagnostic Id for Peer to Peer calls.
  • Target: Call Reliability Watcher
  • Enabled by Default: Yes

Run As Profiles

This will run under the Default Profile

Alert Details

Call reliability alert for peer to peer calls.

Rule Knowledgebase


When a peer-to-peer audio call fails, this failure is reported to the Monitoring Server database (Call Detail Records database) along with a specific diagnosis code indicating the reason for the failure. This management pack for Microsoft Lync Server 2013 monitors call failures periodically from the CDR database and raises an alert whenever call failures with a particular diagnosis error code, exceed the specified “threshold” percentage value. Here are the parameters of the Management Pack Rule that modify the behaviour of Call Reliability alerts. To view current values or change behaviour, please edit the rule associated with this Alert.

Item Description Type
Frequency How often does this rule execute and query Monitoring Server data (CDR database) for Conferencing call failures? Integer
Number of Seconds
MinutesToQuery On each execution of this rule, query failures for the last “x” minutes. Integer
Number of Minutes
MinUsersAffected Minimum number of users that should be impacted before this Diagnosis failure is raised as an “Alert” Integer
AlertThresholdPercentage If Call failures with a particular diagnosis code exceed “x%” of total completed calls, then generate an alert. Decimal, 0.00% to 100.00%



Refer to the diagnosis Code, reason string and description (from the Alert Description) for more information regarding this failure.


Please use the embedded URL link to a Monitoring Server report from the Alert Description to get a detailed report on all Call Failures associated with this diagnosis code.

If this rule generates alerts that are too noisy, please edit the override parameters for this Rule to modify behaviourbehavior as desired. For example, increasing the “Alert Threshold Percentage” will reduce the number of alerts.

Based on the environment I was working with today this Alert was set at 1% so you can imagine this maybe a bit to low for any environment.


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