Note from the field: When Migrating Lync 2010 to Lync 2013 with UM Enabled

Hello Readers,

This post is just a reminder that when “Migrating from Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013” you will need to repoint your UM IP Gateway to the new pool/server. If this doesn’t happen you will be unable to retrieve voicemail messages and callers will not be able to leave a Voicemail message.

If you call your UM Subscriber you will get the following error message. “DefaultUMSubsciber is unavailable or may be offline

In my case, the Exchange Server is running 2010 and not currently going to be upgrade. So I had to repoint the UM IP Gateway to the new Lync 2013 Pool and this is done by the following;

  • Connect to your Exchange Server
  • Open EMC Console
  • Organisation Configuration
    • Unified Messaging
      • UM IP Gateways
  • You now need to edit your IP Gatewau and under Fully Qualifed Domain Name (FQDN) enter the name of the Lync Pool or SE Server
  • Press Apply

And you will now be able to Call the UM Subscriber number and access voicemail. Just a quick note if you haven’t done the above straight away you may get a flood of Missed Call Notification Emails into your users mailboxes as this controller by the Gateway.


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