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QuickTips: Lync Control Panel – Topology Retrieving

Hello Readers,

While working with a customer resolving issues within their Lync 2013 Deployment I could see that in the Lync Control Panel under Topology that all the Front End Server state “Retrieving” even though the Replication Status is up to date.

Section 1.

Section 2. Lync Control Panel – Topology

Section 3.


Section 4. Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus


Chapter 1. The Resolution

In order to resolve this issue on each Front End you need to run the following cmdlet on each affected machine.

  • Launch Powershell “As Administrator”
  • Type Enable-CsComputer –Verbose


If you now press the Refresh button within the Topology Tab you will see that “Retrieving” message has now displayed


Andrew J. Price

One thought on “QuickTips: Lync Control Panel – Topology Retrieving

  1. Erhhmmm….sounds very strange!

    Was this a brand new Lync pool installation, or these servers were already in service since ages without any other issue noticed by the endusers ? Was there any change performed against the topology since the last run of Enable-CsComputer? Maybe the last CU install was missing the last mandatory step (namely the run Bootstrap.exe step.. as part of that it will automatically run Enable-CsComputer)

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