QuickTips: Lync Control Panel – Topology Retrieving

Hello Readers,

While working with a customer resolving issues within their Lync 2013 Deployment I could see that in the Lync Control Panel under Topology that all the Front End Server state “Retrieving” even though the Replication Status is up to date.

Lync Control Panel – Topology




The Resolution

In order to resolve this issue on each Front End you need to run the following cmdlet on each affected machine.

  • Launch Powershell “As Administrator”
  • Type Enable-CsComputer –Verbose


If you now press the Refresh button within the Topology Tab you will see that “Retrieving” message has now displayed


Andrew J. Price

1 thought on “QuickTips: Lync Control Panel – Topology Retrieving”

  1. Erhhmmm….sounds very strange!

    Was this a brand new Lync pool installation, or these servers were already in service since ages without any other issue noticed by the endusers ? Was there any change performed against the topology since the last run of Enable-CsComputer? Maybe the last CU install was missing the last mandatory step (namely the run Bootstrap.exe step.. as part of that it will automatically run Enable-CsComputer)

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