Deploying only OneDrive for Business 2013

Hello Readers,

I have been recently tasked with deploying OneDrive for Business 2013 to client machines running Office 2010 on Windows 7 x32 and x64 Architecture With my past experience with Click to Run deploys this is another simple task in achieving the end goal.

So what is required for this process;

You will need the Office 365 Deployment Tool


And as always you will need to edit the Configuration.xml that is zipped up in the Deployment Package.


As you can see in my configuration.xml I have entered the following


I have removed the bottom section from this configuration file as for this post, I am not overly concerned with the following but have entered the detail for this post

  • Source Path – Location of your Office Click to Run Deployment
  • Update Path – Here you can specified a defined location where you will have to manually download the latest version of Office Click to Run or you can the word “DEFAULT” or as this will pull down the updates automatically.
  • Display Level – “None” for installation without prompts or “Full” for installation with installation prompts
  • Logging – Depending if you want to store log files in a different location
  • Please Note: This configuration.xml is only for 64bit if you require 32bit also use the followingimageYou will now need to launch command prompt that is pointing to the directory of your setup.exe and configuration.xml (as per below) I will be using C:\OneDrive

    Now you need to enter the following command and press Enter ( setup.exe /download configuration.xml )


    This part is where the Click to Run process is lacking. You will not receive any progress bar on downloading the setup.exe for Click to Run, my advice is you should have a rough idea on your internet speed and all the required files will be upto 1gb. For me doing this at home on a 8mb internet pipe its took 3hours so maybe running this in the morning and continuing in the afternoon is probably your best bet.

    ONCE you have downloaded all the required setup files, we will create a basic .bat file to install OneDrive for Business 2013. As you can see from my below screen shot the .bat file is located in the same location as setup files so I dont need to specify the path.


    Now run your .bat file and you should see the below


    This will now install OneDrive for Business 2013 on your client machine.


    We have now installed only OneDrive for Business 2013. If you are interesting installing more components for Click to Run check out my previous blog posts



    Andrew Price

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