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IT Apprentice to Microsoft MVP Presentation

Hello Readers

Happy New Year to you all and hope you are all fully rested. This blog post is a quick reference to a speaking engagement I was invited to do for Digital Native UK (An IT Apprenticeship Organisation) based in Birmingham, West Midlands. As a local (Brummie) which is slang for a person from Birmingham and many moons ago an IT Apprentice, I was very happy to attend Digital Native UK to discuss the following topics;


  • Who Am I?
  • Where did my IT career start?
  • Who I have worked for?
  • Whats my working day like at Freedom Communications?
  • Why I chose a career in Skype for Business?
  • What is a Microsoft MVP?
  • My Microsoft Vision?
  • Whats next for me?


This presentation last for a good 2 hours which i didnt expect but I did receive a lot of good questions from the room. My presentation deck can be found below



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