Office365 ProPlus – Click to Run lets stop OneDrive for Business from being installed

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So after having a bit of time to play with the latest Office365 ProPlus update, we as IT Professionals now have the ability to stop Applications from being installed. In previous O365 ProPlus versions this option was not available to us, so whets this magical command that we need to be able to perform this trick.

“ExcludeApp ID=”App Name””

I have generated a list of the Application Names

<ExcludeApp ID=”Access” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Excel” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”InfoPath” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Lync” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Word” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Excel” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”OneNote” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Powerpoint” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Publisher” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Outlook” />
<ExcludeApp ID=”Groove” />

But what is Groove?

<ExcludeApp ID=”Groove” />

This is the feature which will prevent OneDrive for Business being installed ( My new favourite command )

So lets put this to the test, I have removed all Office Components from my Windows 8 test machine as you can see from below. In case you have come across this tool before its url is here


I have already downloaded the latest Office365 ProPlus package (Current Version Number 15.0.4615.1001)

So now for the key bit, from testing I doesn’t matter if you use your existing setup.exe and configuration.xml, as long as you have 15.0.4615.1001 download you can use the new switch command. Here is a screenshot of the configuration.xml I will be using you install Office365 ProPlus


And as you can I am excluding everything apart from Lync and Outlook. The two key things I use every day

So lets go for it… Launch a Command Prompt as an Administrator


Browse to your Click to Run Location Store. I have dropped all information on my test machine to C:\Office365U1


Type “ setup.exe /configure configuration.xml”


Press “Enter

As I have set Display Level to Full you will see the installation happening. If you set to None it will just run in the background.



Say hello to only Lync and Outlook being installed


Just one moment while I ran around the house in excitement. 🙂

This completes this blog post


Andrew Price

7 thoughts on “Office365 ProPlus – Click to Run lets stop OneDrive for Business from being installed”

  1. Office365 ProPlus 2016, even if you exclude Groove and Microsoft OneDrive for Business is not installed. Microsoft goes ahead and installs the regular “Microsoft OneDrive” . Which is not the same as “Microsoft OneDrive for Business” and at this time there appears to be no way to block the install.

    1. Hi,

      Normal OneDrive is not apart of the Office 365 ProPlus suite, have you looked at AppLocker to block access. You would need to target C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive

      1. Actually OneDrive is part of the normal Install, it is just passed over if you install Groove, which is now referred to as OneDrive. Please refer to the log files in the Temp folders that are created during the install. You will see this is the case.

        Microsoft forces the install of the personal version “Microsoft OneDrive” even if you have Excluded “OneDrive for Business.” So far Microsoft gives no option to block the install, they suggest manually uninstalling OneDrive after the Office installation. Which if you have couple of 1000 users or even 100 users it is a lot of work.

        As for AppLocker, the security risk is too high to leave the OneDrive on the systems. The computers would not pass security audit. (It is hard enough to explain why there is a Lync BHO, browser helper object, that Microsoft installs even if Lync is excluded)

        Anyway, very nice blog. I came across it looking for how to block the “Office 2016 Tools.” No luck so far. But thank you for the well written information.

  2. MJ, did you ever find a way to exclude the “Office 2016 Tools”? I found a way to exclude the One Drive from the click to run install. I believe that you need the most current version of the Deployment tool but adding:

    Seems to prevent both the One Drive for Business client and the One Drive (Personal).

  3. just want to say thanks for posting the list of office apps names. the ms info online is severely lacking in this regard. my problem was the name of OneDrive and Skype so i could exclude them. so… THANKS!

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