UC Day – Speakers and Sessions Announced


I have been working really hard recently updating the Unified Communications Day website with all the sessions and speakers that have been picked.  It has been a lot of hard work to get UC Day to this point and I am really happy to announce the full list of speakers.


We will have;


Skype for Business Speakers Exchange Speakers Office 365 Speakers
Iain Smith Brian Reid Gary Steere
Alessio Giombini Steve Goodman Ed Baker
Tom Arbuthnot Michael Van Horenbeeck Jon Maunder
Stale Hansen Dave Stork Martina Grom
Tom Morgan Nathan Winters Toni Pohl
Ben Lee Justin Harris Plus one other (TBC)


You are able to see all the sessions briefs on the UC Day Website, so head over to http://www.ucday.co.uk/session-list/ to see what sessions you would like to attend on the 28th September.

If the above sounds right up your street and you haven’t got a ticket yet, Grab one today at http://www.ucday.co.uk/ucticket-registration/



Andrew J. Price

3 thoughts on “UC Day – Speakers and Sessions Announced”

  1. Hmm.. too bad in my country there are no such enthusiasts as you guys, and I cannot travel half Europe to attend yours 🙁

  2. Hi Soder,

    There never used to be UC User Group in my part of the United Kingdom and theres never really been a good technical full day event in the UK. So I decided to setup both 🙂

    If you passionate and drive the to succeed you can make things happen in your part of the world 🙂

    Andrew J. Price

    1. Got your point Andrew..and you are absolutely right. I used to be an OCS /Lync2010 expert, but things slowed down since (due to some crazy reasons) and I no longer feel being up-to-date in the arena. Thatswhy it would have been good to attend some events at least every 6 months, otherwise one can get out of shape in 1,5-2 years. Actually thats what I am suffering from…

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