WorkAround for Office 365 Click to Run on Windows 8 Machines – IntegratedOffice.exe Installation Failure

Hello Readers,

Recently I have been rolling out Office 365 Click to Run to a number of pilot users and was having a lot of success until I come across two Windows 8 Machines. Strangely a Windows 8.1 Machine didnt experience the same issue and after a lot of reading of blogs and TechNet, there seems to be no real fix from Microsoft.

The error I was getting is;


Microsoft did release a “Fix IT” for this issue but sadly its doesnt resolve the issue at all. You can find the fix it tool at the following url

So moving on too others that have experienced this issue, there was a lot disgruntled technical professionals complaining about the Fix IT tool and Microsoft. Some IT Professionals managed to fix the issue by doing the following;

  1. Running the Microsoft Fix it
  2. Uninstall Office traces by Fix it or Control Panel.
    1. Open Run Command Box
    2. Type Temp and Delete Contents in Folder
    3. Repeat process for %Temp% and Prefetch Folders
  3. Please go to back to Windows 8 Start Screen ( By Pressing Windows key on your keyboard )
    1. Type run on Start Screen ( Press run on start screen and windows will bring it for you )
    2. After Typing run on Start Screen you`ll got a run icon on your screen, please click on that run icon
    3. OK so now you got Run window at the left bottom of your screen, now in that window you need to type “REGEDIT“.
    4. Now in this registry editor you need to delete two files.
    5. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0
    6. HKEY_CURRENT_– USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0
    7. OK now please close it and try for Installation.

In my case I tried the above actions and I was still having the same issues, so in the end I found the below worked as a workaround.

  1. Copy the Contents of the Office 365 Click to Run Deployment from the Network Share
  2. Copy to the Local Machine
  3. Reconfigure the UNC Paths in the Configuration.xml and Install.bat I was using to deploy to Office 365 Click to Run.
  4. Run the .bat as an Administrator

This process completed in the install successfully but its not workable if you have move than 10 machines on Windows 8, hopefully there will be a true fix for this issue but this is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Andrew Price

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