Whats this? New Skype for Business Watcher Node Transactions

Hello Readers

I have been recently configuring the Skype for Business Watcher Nodes within my labs and notice there is some new transactions that have been released in Skype for Business.

Lync Watcher Node Transitions


Skype for Business Transactions


The new transactions are;

  • LyncSkypeIM
  • LyncSkypeMedia
  • TenantPowershell
  • UCWAConference
  • ASConference
  • DialinConferencing
  • P2PVideoInteropServerSipTrunkAV

Currently there is no information on most of the new cmdlets but you can find out information about P2PVideoInteropServerSipTrunk at the following url. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn985894.aspx

As soon as there is information about the new transactions I will be updating this post

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