Error when running Post Installation tasks when installing WSUS

Hello Readers,

Not a Lync related post but a weird issue I come across today when installing WSUS on Windows 2012 Server. I used the Server Manager to install WSUS, specified all my locations for Database and Content Directory but once I got to the end and tried to run Post Installation Tasks I got the following error.

Configuration Failed. A log file was created at C:\Users\Administrator.lyncme\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpC501.tmp

The log gave the below output

The strange bit was that the error believed that I installed WSUS by Powershell which is incorrect but however the fix was quite simple and “Powershell to the rescue
  • Launch Powershell
  • Enter the following command
    • sl “C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools”
    • .\wsusutil.exe postinstall SQL_INSTANCE-NAME=”DB01″ CONTENT_DIR=E:\WSUS
Please note in the above command you will need to change =”DB01″to your server and instance, I am using the default MSSQLServer Instance for my WSUS Configuration and you will need to change the Content_Dir=E:\WSUS to the location of your Content Directory

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